Ferrari 458 Italia

This Ferrari was thoroughly washed with Nanolex Pre Wash & Pure Shampoo .
Paint and Wheels were decontaminated with Nanolex Wheel Cleaner Iron Remover.
The interior was washed with Nanolex Interior Cleaner and the leather protected with Nanolex Leather Sealant.
We initialy removed the paint defender spray film that had been applied to the car and then we polished some remaining sandmarks from the paintwork which were left from the factory.
The paintwork was corrected and refined with Nanolex Greece Polishing System.
Windows were cleaned, the windscreen has been sealed with Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant.
All trims were dressed with Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator and the tires with Nanolex Tire Restorer.
The final protection was made with Nanolex Car Care Si3D HD.


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