Soft99 Surface Smoother Clay Bar 100g


This clay bar is a powerful tool for removing visible and invisible contaminants from the surface of paintwork. It is especially useful as preparation before applying a wax or coating. The body will be as smooth as glass!

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A slightly more aggressive clay bar that will help you prepare your car paint before the application of any protective coatings, no matter whether sealant, or
wax. It removes any dirt that might not be visible with a naked eye, like iron filings, rubber residue, bird and sap droppings. The body of the vehicle will get
factory-smooth again!

Directions for use:
1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo and drying
2. Knead the clay bar until its soft and flat
3. Gently slide the clay bar over the surface
4. Be sure to knead the clay bar regularly to expose clean clay. Use shampoos, water, quick detailers as a lubricant for the clay bar

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Μάρκα: Sonax

SONAX ProfiLine Paint Prepare 400ml


SONAX PROFILINE PREPARE Special solvent compound for the effective removal of grease and oil films from paintwork surfac-es. Prepares paintwork for application of the longlasting sealant SONAX Nano Paint Protect. Ideal for controlling the results of hologram-free polishing, and for de-greasing before respray work.

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