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Nanolex Sisplash 750ml

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Sonax Xtrem Spray+Seal 750ml

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Polytop Blue detailing clay (without abrasive) 200g

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FLEX XFE 7-15 150
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FLEX XFE 7-15 150

XFE 7-15 150 Roto random orbit polisher

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+ VR microprocessor control: with tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start,
continuous speed control trigger, restart protection after power failure, overload protection,
temperature monitoring and speed selection
+ Free-spinning drive for hologram-free finishing
+ 15 mm orbit for high efficiency
+ Continuous speed control trigger: for a gentle start and a lock-on for continuous operation
+ Cushioned special hook and loop pad for polishing.
+ Counterweight for smoother operation
+ Optimised air flow for optimum cooling of motor and gear. No annoying exhaust air for the
+ Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface. The machine can therefore be operated safely
in any position.
+ Grip hood: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The machine can be controlled with precision
and is always comfortable yet secure to hold.
+ Low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints

Technical attributes
Max. polishing pad diameter 160 mm
Max. back-up pad diameter 150 mm
Orbit 15 mm
No load speed 1500-4500 rpm
Orbit rate, no load 2900-8600opm
Power input 710 watt
Power output 420 watt
Size (L x H) 370 x 140 mm
Cable length 4,0 m
Weight 2,4 kg
Standard equipment

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