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Sonax Xtrem Spray+Seal 750ml

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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 100ml

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Nanolex WashCoat 750ml

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Rupes Mille Coarse 250ml

Χοντρή Αλοιφή Για Αλοιφαδόρους με Γρανάζια MILLE

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Επαγγελματικές Αλοιφές για αλοιφαδόρους με μηχανικά γρανάζια αυξημένης ροπής RUPES
σε συσκευασίες 250 ml.

RUPES Mille Coarse Compound is the first step to use when correcting paint. The abrasives grain is the most aggressive in the line and is used for the rapid removal of swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other paint defects. The RUPES Mille Coarse Compound is highly effective in restoring paints, but will also create a high degree of gloss in just one step.

Use the RUPES Mille Coarse Compound with the RUPES Mille Coarse Foam Pad to remove sanding marks up to 1500 grit. For the best finish after correcting, follow it up with RUPES Mille Fine or RUPES Mille Ultra Fine.


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