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Nanolex Sisplash 750ml

20,45 €

Sonax Xtrem Spray+Seal 750ml

24,00 €

Polytop Blue detailing clay (without abrasive) 200g

35,00 €
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Nanolex Cutting Polish 750ml

 NEW ! Nanolex Cutting Polish 750ml

41,80 €
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After almost a year of R&D and substantial investments in infrastructure we are now extremely excited to present to you the all new range of Nanolex Abrasive Polishes.The biggest changes are a switch to only 2 core polishes (CUTTING and FINISHING) which cover the bandwith of the previous 3 polishes.In addition to that the new polishes are free of solvents, fillers and waxes, delivering an honest, true finish straight away. Extremely low in VOC content, making them truly state of the art.

Nanolex Cutting Polish removes severe defects as well as sanding marks up to 1500 grit from all kinds of automotive paints with both rotary and random orbital machine polishers, leaving an even pattern that can easily be removed with Nanolex Finishing polish.Nanolex Cutting Polish is formulated without the use of silicone oils, waxes and fillers.


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