Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish 750ml

Medium cut Polish 750ml NEW 2019

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Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish
removes medium to fine scratches and holograms from all kinds of automotive paints, leaving a brilliant, high-gloss finish in a single polishing step. Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish can be used with both rotary or random-orbital machine polishers.
Nanolex Finishing Polish is a  polish formulated without the use of silicone oils, waxes and fillers.
Nanolex Polishes are developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Best results are achieved in combination with a hard Nanolex Medium or Soft Polishing Pad using small amounts of product at speeds of around 1500 - 2000 r.p.m.
Spread Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish until the appearance of the polish on the surface changes to transparent.
Remove polish residue by using a Nanolex microfiber cloth.


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