Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Green Line 250ml


Polish to gloss without hazardous solvents.

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The innovative cut compound for automotive clear coats leaves a dazzling impression everywhere. Gets sanding marks out of the way in record time- without aggressive, volatile solvents. Works into the finish range without any unpleasant odors thanks to the latest polishing technologies with diminishing abrasives.

Cut / Gloss:8 / 8

    Extremly high abrasion
    Extremly fast removal of sanding marks
    High yield
    High-gloss Finish
    No dust formation
    VOC-free in according with DIN EN ISO 11890-2
    Free from unpleasant solvents
    Easy to handle
    Silicone free

Polishing tool:Heavy Cut Foam Pad,Lambs wool
Processing: rotary, orbital

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