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Wash mist 300ml + Wash mist refill 300ml

02182 + 02189

Wash mist 300ml + Wash mist refill 300ml (without the trigger) together in the set! Save money and reduce plastic use by pouring the product into the original atomiser bottle!

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Hygiene of your environment has never been more important than today! Health and safety of you and your loved ones depends on it. How can we effectively fight dirt, bacteria and viruses on our hands, dozens of surfaces and objects of everyday use? The solution is finally here – it's the everyday prevention with Wash Mist! It cleans, disinfects, destroys viruses (including Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus) and leaves a neutral, non-sticky finish and a delicate, fresh citrusy scent.


Wash Mist is a specially designed product for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the entire human environment. It can be used on all surfaces and materials at home, in the car, in the workplace and on all everyday objects such as a smartphone, laptop, glasses or watches. The completely safe formula also allows Wash Mist to be used for hand disinfection! One spray is enough to disinfect hands without leaving sticky residue. Additionally, it removes even stubborn dirt, greasy stains and neutralises odours. It evaporates instantly and leaves no streaks. Thanks to the handy bottle Wash Mist can accompany you literally anywhere. It fits perfectly in cup holders in your car, and even fits in a purse or a handbag, and thanks to the aesthetic and elegant bottle it will fit perfectly into any interior.


Apart from alcohol, Wash Mist contains two surfactants – alkyloglucosides and amino oxides. It guarantees an effective response to viruses (including Sars-CoV-2), bacteria such as E.Coli, Staphylocococcus aureus and tens of thousands of other dangerous pathogens. Wash Mist has been thoroughly tested by JSDA (Japanese Soap & Detergent Association) for its antibacterial effects, and its effectiveness in terms of virus removal has been confirmed by the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE). Wash Mist is also recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health as an effective measure in the epidemic prevention of Sars-CoV-2.


Get Wash Mist now and find out how easy it is to take care of hygiene and safety in your environment. One bottle will give you multitude of applications and unrivalled effectiveness.


Wash Mist + Refill is a set composed of original atomiser bottle with refill. Unscrew the cap, pour it in and enjoy a full bottle at all times while saving money!


(*) In order to completely deactivate viruses, allow Wash Mist to work on the surface for at least 20 seconds.


    Shake the bottle well.
    Spray the product onto the surface.
    Spread evenly using microfiber cloth or a brush.
    Wipe off remaining product and dry.

Product Details
02182 + 02189
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