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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 30ml
  • Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 30ml

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 100ml


Glass Sealant

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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is the non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces.

The system contains the highest technically possible amount of active raw ingredients such as nano-scaled SiO2, which are responsible for beading performance and durability.
Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is an advanced nanotechnology coating that forms a permanent barrier against water, oil and grime on automotive glass surfaces.

The coating improves visibility and therefore driving comfort in bad weather conditions significantly. It reduces the need to use windscreen wipers and screen wash greatly. In addition grime and bug splatter can be washed off easily, deicing is much easier too.Rain drops are blown off by the airflow when driving speeds exceed 40 Km/h. 

The durability of Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is outstanding as well, with at least 18 months or 30000 km.

The product can be applied easily and efficiently, 3-6ml already suffice to coat a windshield.

Used and tested in cooperation with Motorsport Team Hohaus in the German endurance race cup VLN on the Nürburgring.

Developed & manufactured in Germany

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