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Nanolex Si3D SET 30ml


Nanolex Si3D SET 30ml

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Nanolex Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which in turn provides excellent corrosion protection with easy-to-clean-properties. Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint to up to 9H+, adding a clear coat with a color-darkening effect to the treated surface. Depending on the number of applied layers of Si3D, the thickness of the coating can vary. The coating thickness, combined with the sophisticated structural nature of the Si3D matrix, make the coatings resistant to abrasion caused by frequent washing and also unaffected by most chemical substances.

An important part of automotive coatings are solvents. The liquid consistency, viscosity and volatility of the product is highly dependent on the used solvents. Nanolex Car Care do not incorporate any aromatic solvents in their product formulations, due to the high potential of ‘hazardous-to-health’ character, thus making them safe use in an enclosed environment.

Nanolex Si3D SET 30

Περιεχει :

Nanolex Si3D 30ml
Nanolex EX 200ml
Nanolex Applicator Block
Nanolex Si3D Applicator x3
Nanolex MF Purple x2
Nitril Glove x2

How to Apply 

Features & Benefits:

    EX Residue Remover ensures paintwork free from polish residues
    Si3D is fluorine & solvent-free
    Si3D increases paint hardness up to 9H (pencil scale)
    Provides hydrophobic, swirl resistant, chemical resistant top layer
    Treated surfaces are easier to clean
    Adds a colour darkening effect to clearcoat
    Provides protection for around 30,000 klm
    Nanolex Si3D was developed, tested & manufactured in Germany

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