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QJUTSU Wheel Coat 100ml


Reach for an advanced Wheel Coat to guarantee your rims maximum level of protection and highlighted shine.

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Wheel Coat is an advanced, one-component coating designed for effective protection of parts exposed to the most difficult conditions. Brake dust, iron particles and road dirt gathering on the surface, and extremely high temperatures fixing the contaminants even stronger to the surface, rims require uncompromised protection provided by Wheel Coat.


Its formula has been designed to protect the surface at temperatures reaching up to 550 °C. Thus Wheel Coat can be used not only on rims, but also engine compartment or parts of exhaust system. The coating, creating a protective layer on the surface, extremely effectively limits dirt and dust adhesion, thanks to which you can easyli wash off daily dirt only with water!


Wheel Coat ensures shine and characteristic glass-like effect, boosting appearance of rims or such important parts like exhaust tips.


QJUTSU Wheel Coat is 12 months durable!



1. Make sure you are applying the product in temperature range of 20-25°C
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Wrap the applicator with an attached cloth and let a moderate amount of fluid to drip out onto the applicator
4. Spread the coating evenly with an impregnated applicator
5. Wait at least 5 minutes for the coating to bind to the paint
6. Polish the residue with an attached soft microfiber cloth until you achieve perfect gloss
7. Leave the car for at least 12 hours in a cool and dry place for the coating to cure


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