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Nanolex EX 750ml


Καθαριστικό επιφάνειας με βάση την IPA  , προετοιμασία για Sealants και κεραμικά.

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Maxshine 75mm M8S/M8 Pro Backing Plate


Πλατώ 75mm 5/16” για έκκεντρο αλοιφαδώρο M312

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Πλατώ 75mm 5/16” για έκκεντρο αλοιφαδώρο M312


    High-quality hook and loop backed, urethane backing plate holds all 3/ 6inch foam spot pads

    Shaped by injection molding, with high rebound resilience and durability

    Suitable for high-speed polishing, and with good thermal endurance

    Changing new pad can be fast and easy, applicable to all dual-action polishers

    Compatible: Prefect compatibility with your favorite MaxShine Foam and Microfiber Pads.




The Yellow Dual Action backing pad is perfectly compatible with your favorite Maxshine Foam and Micro Fiber Pads.

For best results, this backing plate is designed specifically for Maxshine Polishers. The perfectly balanced backing plate is constructed from high-quality materials and is built to stand up to the power and colossal throw produced by MaxShine Polishers.

MaxShine offers a selection of Backing Plates to match your needs…and polishers; Dual Action and Rotary. Auto detailing is skilled work especially when it comes to paint correction, so you must have the right tools. Need to upgrade your standard DA Backing Plate? Or need a set of sizes for your Rotary? Achieve the best car detail with MaxShine.

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16 ακόμα προϊόντα στην ίδια κατηγορία:

Κωδικός: 7630M8SV2

Μάρκα: MaxShine

Maxshine M8S V2 8mm/1000W Dual Action Polisher


The M8S just got a major update. The Version 2 has a new body style that resembles the original, but offers easier maneuverability. A more protruding grip, now with a texturized rubber coating, enhances control force. New to the M8S in its 2nd version is a rubber balance bar and a change in the power switch placement.

Τιμή 162,00 €

Κωδικός: 09164

Μάρκα: Soft99

Soft99 Emblem Remover Kit


Quick and safe emblem  removal set. An indispensable helping tool in pre-correction process or if you want to get rid of unwanted emblems. Special handles connected with a strand guarantee a completely safe and comfortable separation of an emblem from the paintwork. It has never been so easy!

Τιμή 13,50 €
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