Reference: NXEX01

Brand: Nanolex

Nanolex EX 750ml


Καθαριστικό επιφάνειας με βάση την IPA  , προετοιμασία για Sealants και κεραμικά.

Price €20.25

Reference: 10333

Brand: Soft99

Soft99 Iron Terminator 500ml


Brake dust and rust deposits on the rims needs powerful but safe solutions. Reach for the Iron Terminator, which will deal with such persistent dirt in a few moments. The special formula dissolves all deposits with spectacular bleeding effect! It can also be used on the aints in the decontamination process!

Price €11.50
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Infinitum comes to revolutionize the entire Technology Protection area, creating a world of infinite possibilities.
With an experience of almost two decades and a contagious success in the area of surface maintenance and protection, Infinitum is a Portuguese brand that rises from the passion and desire to achieve perfection.
To all our knowledge and experience we combine the quality and innovation to offer the best and most advanced protection on the market

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Reference: INF_CI_250

Brand: Infinitum

Infinitum Cleaner In 250ml


Infinitum Cleaner In is a generic cleaning solution that removes dirt and residues that may be on more delicate interior and exterior surfaces, so that the ceramic protection has better adhesion and longer life.

Price €12.50

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