List of products by brand Soft99

Soft99 is the most well-known and valued brand of car cosmetics among car enthusiasts on the European market.

Soft99 is one of the most well-known global brands in the automotive cosmetics industry. It is a legendary Japanese brand that has been gaining fans all over the world for over 60 years. We are an importer and exclusive official distributor of Soft99 in Europe. As a goal, we set ourselves a further popularization of the brand and increasing market share on the Old Continent. Not only in the flagship category of hard waxes – where we outclass competition – but in a wide range of products.

Soft99 Authentic Premium... Soft99 Authentic Premium...

Soft99 Authentic Premium Wax 200g

Price €40.50

Definition of detailing enclosed in a perfect can! Authentic Premium is based on natural Carnauba. Created to give pleasure from work brings out natural shine from paints. Provides a characteristic warm effect and excellent hydrophobicity. A must have for anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of classic detailing and immerse themselves in the automotive...

Soft99 Black Black 110ml Soft99 Black Black 110ml

Soft99 Black Black 110ml

Price €17.95

Tire coating created for all fans of a shiny effect. It creates a hard protective layer on the tire surface that protects against dirt and negative external factors for up to 2 months! Includes two dedicated sponge applicators

Soft99 Cloth Barrier Fabric... Soft99 Cloth Barrier Fabric...
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Soft99 Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat 170ml

Price €19.20

Take advantage of the legendary Fusso technology also in your car interior! Cloth Barrier is a fluoropolymer-based coating for fabric surfaces. It covers the fibers with a special layer repelling moisture and oily substances, and further reduces spread of harmful germs. It protects fabric against water, stains and dirt, at the same time increasing level...

Soft99 Iron Terminator 500ml Soft99 Iron Terminator 500ml

Soft99 Iron Terminator 500ml

Price €11.95

Brake dust and rust deposits on the rims needs powerful but safe solutions. Reach for the Iron Terminator, which will deal with such persistent dirt in a few moments. The special formula dissolves all deposits with spectacular bleeding effect! It can also be used on the aints in the decontamination process!

Soft99 Leather Fine Cleaner... Soft99 Leather Fine Cleaner...
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Soft99 Leather Fine Cleaner & Conditioner 100ml

Price €28.95

A strongly nourishing leather emulsion that maintains car interior in perfect condition, protecting it from aging and damage. Its formula, rich in natural Carnauba, sea collagen and Lipidure®, moisturizes the leather, makes it flexible, leaves a breathable layer that protects against harmful factors and restores natural color.