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Soft99 Luxury Gloss 500ml


Luxury Gloss is an absolutely new type of liquid wax, which will help you achieve three main factors - Gloss, Depth and Slipperiness with an uncommon ease!

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Polytop Blue detailing clay (without abrasive) 200g


Polytop Blue detailing clay (without abrasive) 200g

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Abrasive Rubber without abrasive agent
for the effective removal of fine and coarse
deposits on vehicle paints, such as rust,
tree resin, paint dust and insect remains.
• even with extreme paint soiling
• without abrasive body
• optimum Paint preparation

Briefly soak the grinding clay in lukewarm water. The surfaces to be treated with a lubricant, e.g. B. Moisten the Polytop lubricator and work the surface in a circle with the modeling clay. Knead the product well in between and after use to bind dirt in the plasticine.

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