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Brand: Nanolex

Nanolex EX 750ml


Καθαριστικό επιφάνειας με βάση την IPA  , προετοιμασία για Sealants και κεραμικά.

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Maxshine Ultra-Soft Microfiber Waxing/Sealant Applicator


Σφουγγάρι μικροΐνας εφαρμογής σφραγιστικών 13cmx10cm (σετ 4

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Σφουγγάρι μικροΐνας εφαρμογής σφραγιστικών 13cmx10cm


    The rectangular blue sponge applicator pads has no abrasion and can be safely used in all painting operations, waxing and cleaning for car.

    Ultra-Soft Microfiber blue foam – easy to grip to apply wax or sealants.

    Perfect size for easy grip and for use on the whole car.

    Can be used to apply any protection such as wax, sealants and pastes.


Take your best car wax and the right applicator and you’ll have a pairing for perfect protection; no need to take out your polishers. Whether providing a car detail service or doing your own auto detailing, MaxShine has what you need in Applicators. Comprises of various materials with assorted grip styles you can use MaxShine Applicators to not just wax, but even create an enhanced interior car detail. Detailers do their job right with MaxShine.

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