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Ma-Fra Fallout Iron Remover 500ml


Rapid decontaminant for rims and bodywork

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The ferrous contamination deposited on the bodywork or penetrated into the paint of the circle, they are impossible to remove with conventional cleaning methods.

Fallout Iron Remover  500ml has been specially developed to eliminate what classic rim cleaners cannot eliminate. The product is highly effective and acid-free and is ideal for all steel rims , alloy and also on chrome rims and polished . Thanks to its innovative formula, it chemically converts and dissolves ferrous residues that have penetrated into the paint, creating a purplish solution that can be easily rinsed in complete safety.

The product is non-toxic, has a balanced pH and can be used on the bodywork , for example on cars that have parked near railway stations or trams. The product has a characteristic smell of sulfur, which is why we recommend using it in an open and well-ventilated place.

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