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Nanolex Leather & Textile Sealant 200ml

Textile & Leather Sealant 

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Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant is an high tech textile coating that forms an extremely long lasting water and oil repellent barrier on textile and leather surfaces.

Nanolex Premium Textile & Leather Sealant is developed and manufactured in Germany, it uses a solvent-based type of the sol-gel system to install an interlaced, self organising net of organic and anorganic nano-scale compounds to form a fully breathable, completely invisible coating that chemically bonds to treated surfaces.

After it was successfully applied, Nanolex Premium Textile & Leather Sealant lets water bead up and rolls off of the treated textile, taking superficial contaminants with it. Stains are prevented and spills can be easily mopped up.


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