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Soft99 Neutral Shampoo Creamy 1000ml


Newly developed rinsing components of Neutral Shampoo Creamy prevent dirt and stop cleaning remains and other residues from sticking to the surface.

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Technologically advanced rinsing components allow easy and trouble-free washing. Cleaning remains, dirt and other residues will not stick to the surface,
even if the shampoo dries while washing. Light mint scent, neutral pH level and rich foam that removes dirt quickly and efficiently make this product a great
maintenance tool, even for vehicles coated with waxes or professional coatings.

Directions for use:
1. Rinse the car with water and remove dust and heavy dirt in order to prevent scratching the paint
2. Pour the shampoo to the bucket or apply onto a sponge, produce foam, then wash the whole vehicle
3. Rinse the vehicle with water and dry it using microfibers

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